Happy New Year 2018

Over the holidays we shot the feature thriller “#PartyTime”. Here’s a pic of our fantastic cast and Charlie Christensen and me.


October 2017
Publication of the audio book of my novel The Locomotive (unabridged) read by actor Charles Kahlenberg who worked for TV in shows like Seinfeld and E.R. and movies like the Wedding Crashers.

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September 2017 I published two novels, below are the links and the book trailers:
– THE LOCOMOTIVE, novel, ebook – to kindle or to kindle
– SCHOOL SHOOTER, novel, ebook – to kindle or to kindle

August 2017

Good news came from one of my German publishing houses, another novel goes into 2nd edition aimed for middle and high schools.

In July I finished the film script “#PartyTime”. The shoot will be in December this year.

If you are curious about the pre-production phase you can check my introduction to our business plan here on Youtube where we share pictures of  the location.

June 2017

We finished the feature film “Derailed” with me as writer/director based on my novel Derailed (German “Die Lokomotive”). Currently I am submitting it to film festivals.

March 2017

Currently I am uploading my sometimes funny non fiction book about creative writing “Heroes – or: why comets don’t crash on Idaho” to Wattpad for free. If you like to read along for free, here on Wattpad you find it.

February 2017

We finished shooting the movie “Derailed” based on my novel. Now we are in post production. An amazing team of crew, cast and countless helpers made it possible – plus a successful Kickstarter campaign!
Here I am on the left as writer/director talking to actor Donald Morin on set. (Photo by Cameron Crane)
Further details under Forgotten Trail Pictures.

GROLAR cover Weltbild Nesch JPG klJanuary 2017

My Canadian novel GROLAR is published in German (the English version I am currently submitting to Canadian and American Agents and Publishing Houses).

It is an environmental horror thriller.

Due to the rising temperatures grizzly bears and polar bears meet more often. Their offspring is called Grolar.

A grolar goes on a rampage in gold mining camp in the Yukon…

December 2016
Pre-production phase for the movie “Derailed” (based on my novel with the same title) started. Location (thanks to the City of Lethbridge), key crew and cast are found. Shooting will start in January 2017.

November 2016
I was busy writing a theatre play based on one of my novels funded by the Cultural Department of the Bayer AG.

Comedy2 serious beside mike 100October 2016

Me doing standup comedy for the Rotary Club Mosaic Lethbridge fundraiser at the Average Joe’s. We had a great time with the crowd of 300 people. For me it was my stand up comedy debut in English after stopping doing it 20 years ago in German.

September 2016

One of my german novels will be adapted for the stage. I will write the script. Premiere is 2017 in Duisburg, Germany at the Young Adult Theatre festival. The adaptation is funded by the cultural department of the Bayer AG, Germany.

August 2016

IMG_9253Production of the short film LOCKDOWN based on my novel School Shooter. I also wrote the film script.

Crew and cast were fantastic, and for an active author it is always exhilarating to witness how a great team brings the protagonists and the story alive that used to dance around just in a writer’s mind.

Currently we submit the short to festivals and look out to fund the feature next year.

July 2016

Director JP Marchant and I founded our own film production company Forgotten Trail Pictures Inc.

June 2016

Book with poem of mine on the list in Department of English Winter 2017 at the University of Calgary – instructor Aritha van Herk.

May 2016

Literature Tour through Germany and Switzerland thankfully supported with a travel grant by Canada Council for the Arts!









Februar 2016

I shot the video trailer for ambient musician Max Wuerden. Coalhurst to Lethbridge, December.

L darmst disk nahNovember 2015

Reading tour at schools, libraries and clubs from Southern to Northern Germany. Klick here for some pics from a reading at a school in Stade.

The pic was made near Frankfurt.

I have seen a lot of refugees. A smalltown like Stade (pop 45,000) – where I read – took this year more refugees than Canada.



11990672_10153627545788044_2092643057244733937_n[1]August 2015

We moved this summer and enjoyed our daytrips (details on facebook) and the new deck life.

And I just finished my first piece of furniture: a standing table – see pic to the left.

July 2015

Reading Tour Southern Germany. Guest in Hausach, Black Forest, at the Literature Fest LeseLenz

May 2015

Reading Tour Germany, Netherlands (for the Goethe Institute) & Denmark.


January 2015

Baden Online Leth

During my reading tour and the writer’s residency in the  Black Forest city of Hausach, Germany, our new home Lethbridge, Alberta was mentioned repeatedly in articles, interviews and magazines.

Here to the full article.

Neustadt Leth

This article was only published in the daily newspaper in Northern Germany town of Neustadt.

Others were published as well but I couldn’t get my hands on a hardcopy since I toured – often only 1 day in one town.



December 2014

October to January I m at the writer’s residency LeseLenz in Hausach, Black Forest, Germany and I m teaching Children and YA fiction / Literature at the University of Karlsruhe.

November 2014

Calgary BookAnthology featuring an awsome selection of Calgarian Artists and writers including a poem of mine.







October 2014

Wonderdog writes about my album “lost soul lounge”: Clear, calm lyrics that put me in mind of the late Vic Chesnutt.


July 2014

I became a member of The Writers Guild of Alberta and of The Allied Artists Council of Lethbridge.

None of which is in the picture here but I really like that corner.





June 2014

I was invited as a speaker about being a hybrid author (traditionally published parallel to selfpublishing) at the first Electronic Book Fair in Berlin:









April 2014

Acoustic/Lofi/Songwriter Blog Hi54lofi about my EP Stool Pigeon Heart “stripped down and rough around the edges, there is a real charm about it” – thanx!

March 2014

Me with a coversong – Slowcoustic put together a Will Oldham / Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy / Palace … cover online anthology which is now coming out, today with PART 1 – with … well … me … covering his cover of Cycles. Plus the really awsome Kill County, Count This Penny, Adeline Hotel and Zedidiah Word. Listen here!!!

January 2014

U.K. music-blog WAKE THE DEAF lists my EP “STOOL PIGEON HEART” in their “Favourite Free Music List 2013” ! – my special thanks going out to Chester Trutch (cover art) & Max Würden (mix/production)

March 2013

During the Leipzig Bookfair I gave 3 speaches about Creative Writing.



For my young adult novel „Joyride Ost“ I received the Hans-Im-Gluck-Award 2012.

The award ceremony took place parallel to the Frankfurt book fair in the town of Limburg.

The novel was translated into English (“Joyride West”) by David Fermer.










I also was in northern Denmark as one of the four international writers in residence together with colleagues from Litavia, Zimbabwe and India. H.A.L.D. (Housing Authors & Literature Denmark).


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